Clearing JEE Main Examination Like A Champion

Joint Entrance Examination is a national level exam for getting admission in top ranked engineering colleges like IITs, NITs, and IIITs. Each year, hundreds of thousands of students sit for this exam and try to rewrite their destiny. All of them hope to get into top colleges, but only a few get to live their dreams. If you want to be one of those very few people, then you need to focus on some very important points right from day one-

  • The first thing that you should know is you’re an individual personality. You’re different from others, so stop comparing yourself to them. Chances are some of your friends will get into their desired colleges in the first attempt itself, while you may have to try for one more year. That’s perfectly fine. Don’t feel bad about yourself just because you couldn’t make it in the first year.
  • Any one subject cannot help you get through JEE Main and JEE Advanced examinations. Unless and until you have solid command on all the subjects, you can’t expect a good result. So, don’t run behind Physics, just because you like it more than Chemistry and Math. All of them are important and you need to put an equal amount of efforts in clearing your basics.
  • Time management is the key in JEE. You need to solve questions at a very fast speed. If you can’t do that, you’ll be left behind. So, work on your speed and learn to manage your time. Decide which portion requires more time and then proceed accordingly.
  • Past ten years’ questions work like a gem in JEE examination. You should start solving last ten years question papers and try to improve your speed. It will help you far better than you can ever imagine. So, no matter what happens, don’t turn a blind eye to previous years’ question papers.

Last but not the least, take inputs from others who’ve already cracked the JEE examination. They must have implemented certain strategies that helped them get an edge over others. By taking inputs from them, you can shorten your long haul and achieve desired results. Soon, the JEE Main application form 2017 will be available online. Before that happens, make sure you sort out all the points mentioned here to have a great experience and get desired results.