How you can Enhance Your English Language Conversation Skills

There are many dictionary definitions for “Conversation”.

Conversation: a casual talk to somebody, especially about opinions, ideas, feelings, or everyday matters.

Conversation: noun, a casual spoken exchange of reports and concepts between several people.

Conversation: a chat between several individuals which ideas, feelings and concepts are expressed, questions are requested and clarified, or information and news are exchanged.

There are many dictionary Synonyms for “Conversation”: discourse, discussion, dialogue, chat, speech, speech communication, spoken communication, spoken language, voice communication, dental communication

There are many dictionary definitions for “Skills”.

Skill is definitely an capability to do a task or job well, especially as you have practised it.

Skills are caused by special training to perform a function or activity.

Proficiency, facility, or skill that’s acquired or developed through training or experience.

A developed talent or ability

A skill, trade, or technique requiring utilisation of the hands as well as tools.

We must create some definitions for “Conversation Skills”.

Conversation skills could be described as language abilities required to interact in social situations. Language abilities include talking to appropriate vocabulary, pronunciation, tone, intonation, rhythm, pauses, pleasantness and timing.

We must create some definitions for “English Language Conversation Skills”.

English Language Conversation Skills includes language abilities, conversation skills, social skills, culture understanding and non-verbal communication skills.

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