How Does the Recruitment Process Work?

If you are here, then most probably you have either already completed your degree or you are in the final stages of it. You might have worked very hard all the time to get a decent job and of course you would expect a decent salary too, but before you land a job in your dream company or even enter the interview room, there are few things that you should be aware pf. The most important of them is how the recruitment process works.

Recruitment Process Work

This is a million dollar question for you right now. How do you expect to get a good job or more precisely your dream job if you don’t even know anything about the recruitment process? So, in this post we are going to share with you the details of how the recruitment process actually works. It must be noted that every company will have their own special recruitment process, which may be a little different or in some cases entirely different from the process we are going to mention below. However, irrespective of whether you are looking for job vacancies in Gurgaon or Bangalore, in most companies the same process is followed. An employee is selected on the basis of these three steps.

  1. Human Resource Department Analysis- In this part, the human resource department decides the need of company according to demands. Here, it is decided how many employees are required in the company and what particular skillset the company is looking for in those candidates. Now, the HR department will list out adverts according to this need and mention the skills required for applying for the job and the position they are offering. In some cases, the number of vacancies is also mentioned beforehand. When you apply, your application directly goes to the HR of the company who then decides whether or not to call you in for further process. In order to make a good impression on the HR, your CV/resume must be quite interesting.
  2. The Filtration Process- In this process, the company would have already shortlisted the candidates based on their CVs. The most important factor to get your application selected is to frame you CV perfectly. In your CV, instead of mentioning what benefits the company is going to give you, tell them what benefit you are going to give to the company. This is what adds value to your CV. The selected candidates are normally more than what is required by the company or in simple words more than the vacancies available.
  3. The Selection Process- Now the candidates whose applications are found interesting by the HR have to go through a selection process specially designed by the company to find out the best suited person for the job. This process normally includes a lot of written tests like aptitude tests, general ability tests or in some cases general knowledge tests too. After you are done with these tests, your score is analysed and if your test score was good enough only then you are passed to the interview room where your subject knowledge is tested.

So, this is how the recruitment process works at most of the companies.