3 Handy Strategies for Writing the IELTS Test

If you’re thinking about using the IELTS test then you need to go over the educational needs and choose whether you’ll be trying to get the educational version or even the general training version.

The educational test is perfect for individuals seeking greater learning and also the general test is perfect for immigration purposes or experience. If you’re unsure which test fits your needs a qualified IELTS training organisation can assist you to arrange the right test. The IELTS test includes 4 parts listening, studying, writing and speaking. It’s the writing portion of the test that has the cheapest average mark.

This information will cover 3 strategies for enhancing your writing skills to obtain better leads to the IELTS test:

1. Sentences

Each sentence you are writing ought to be specific and connect with some point. Although there aren’t any strict rules on sentence length, around 9 to 16 words is usually enough. A sentence that’s too lengthy causes it to be harder to stay in line with grammar. Also, the risk of a readers understanding a sentence that discusses multiple topics is extremely low. Among the primary reasons students perform poorly on their own exams is a result of sentences which are too lengthy.

2. Linking Your Sentences

When writing sentences, it’s frequently smart to link sentences together to describe your argument. That may also help you form a paragraph which makes sense.

For example of words to start the sentence once you make sure:

o As a result

o This illustrates that

o This evidence shows

o It’s clearly shown that

3. Essay Structure

An easy essay structure comprises 3 parts introduction, sentences (body), and conclusion. The introduction is really a general outline of what you should discuss in your body or perhaps your essay. Utilize it to condition your argument and description what exactly you’ll be discussing in your body of the essay. After this you make use of the body of the essay to go over points in greater detail. It’s good practice to possess a paragraph focused on each point you’re making. The final outcome from the essay then provides a listing of that which you discussed in your body of the essay and reinforces your primary argument.

Here is a easy and effective essay structure you should use like a guide:


– Briefly describe the subject that’s being discussed (first sentence)

– Condition your view/opinion/hypothesis (second sentence)

– Link your hypothesis towards the subject (i.e. link first sentence to second sentence) (third sentence)

– Condition what exactly your essay is going to be covering. When you purchase two points then allow one paragraph for every (4th sentence)

Body Sentences

– Produce a paragraph for every point you’ll be covering as identified inside your introduction (first sentence)

– Write lower a good example as one example of your point (second sentence)

– Connect the instance you’ve distributed to the purpose of your paragraph (third sentence)

– Summary the paragraph by connecting the purpose you’ve made for your hypothesis (4th sentence)

– If you’re making 3 points inside your essay then possess a body paragraph for every one


– Summarise your body of the essay over a couple of sentences

– Restate your argument

– Get a handful of recommendations

To utilise these essay writing tips you’ll cut lower time required for planning as well as your essay writing ought to be simpler. After you have the arrogance to create sentences and link these to one another you’ve all of the skills you’ll need for any fundamental essay template. If you are using these pointers inside your essay writing skills for that IELTS writing test it can help you enhance your results.

When choosing a reliable IELTS writing correction services, you should rest assured to receive complete evaluation of the provided writing tasks. They would identify the errors and make or suggest the appropriate replacements. They would also offer you valuable feedback and essential guidance.