Various Questions Asked During a Production Planning Manager Job Interview

An individual strives hard to get a job according to his ability and qualification. In order to get selected for any job, you need to face an interview. A candidate who is well prepared has the maximum chances of getting the job. The use of various strategies, tricks along with the desired qualification helps in clearing the interviews.

There are ample employment opportunities if you want to work as a production planning manager. You need to face an interview to get emploi Riviere Du Loup, which is a town in Quebec. The various questions that can be asked and the tips to give the answers are as follows:

What Management Style Will You Follow As A Production Planning Manager?

Answer Tips – Common labels like persuasive, consultation may convey several meanings so you need to avoid them. Opt for the situational style in which you can convey that you will handle the task according to the situation.

Sample Answer – I believe in doing a task with due responsibility. It is necessary for a team to grow at a personal level and also as a whole. Ego should be avoided. Role of each team member should be clear. When mistakes are done feedback should be given immediately for further improvement.

What Experiences Do You have Related To This Job?

Answer Tips – You can speak about the job but if you do not have much knowledge related to the job you can prepare beforehand for the job. The confidence level of the candidate is appreciated by the interviewers.

Sample Answer – I have been doing something since an early age to keep myself busy and to earn money. It started the desired path for me and I also worked as a computer tech during summers when I was in high school. I took my degree in computer science and I have been in constant touch with the technology.

Can You Tell Me Something About Yourself?

This is one of the questions which are asked in most of the interviews. It helps in opening you up and you feel comfortable in front of the interviewer. You need to provide specific answers related to your education, work experience and your hobbies.

How Do You Come To Know About Our Company?

Each and every company gives advertisements in newspapers for the job vacancy. Even their websites, Facebook pages or any kind of digital media you can mention.

How Much Salary Do You Expect?

This is a common question asked in the interviews. If you do not have enough information about the salary structure you can do a bit of research to know about the basic salary. Even you can give the answer like “salary is not an important factor” and your aim is to advance in your career.


To clear the interview for the post of production planning manager these are some of the common questions which may be asked. Nonetheless, it is very important that you approach the interviewer with a high level of confidence as it increases the chances of clearing the interview.