An App That Will Make You Love Math

What is a math-help app and what does it do? Do you have any math problems that you quickly need to find a solution to? Is the homework tricky and you can’t seem to find the solution and time is running out? This app is definitely for you.

Math help app

This app finds a solution to any math problem be it algebra, calculus, trigonometry, statistics, arithmetic, and other topics by using an advanced math solver powered by AI. It helps you to:

  • learn math.
  • study for upcoming tests.
  • check assignments.

Once you install the math help app on your phone, it can scan a photo of a math problem, and allow you to use a calculator or handwriting. After the app recognizes the problem, it helps you to solve it through:

  • A detailed step-by-step explanation.
  • Online video lectures.
  • Similar problems to help you practice further.

The software is quite controversial as some teachers are suggesting the students will use it to cheat. I think the teachers will have to adapt because the app is a really helpful tool for a student who wants to learn. Math can be a difficult subject and if an app can help you find a solution without struggling, this will boost the student’s confidence in learning.

Importance of math help app

The universe has embraced the internet and most people are constantly on their devices. You can access this app at a click of a smartphone and your child will learn a lot thus enjoying math. This app has a lot of benefits and they include:

  1. It is very convenient.

There is no need to adjust your schedule to take your kids to a tutoring center. This saves you time spent in traffic and gas money. You can download the app online at the convenience of your home.

  1. The feedback is immediate.

Instructions and feedback are provided instantly at the point of learning. Your child learns quickly as they are redirected when they make a mistake instead of just seeing the correct answer.

  1. It increases engagement.

Learning math using worksheets can be boring for the student. Math app is a digital platform and kids may find it as an interesting way to learn. It is easy for them to shift from math class to other activities hence they respond enthusiastically to learning.

  1. Rewards and earning points motivate the student.

Your child is awarded points and badges whenever they correctly solve a math problem. Learning no longer feels like a chore, as your child is encouraged to work more with the program.

  1. The app is portable.

You can access the app even when you are on the move. There is no need to sit on a desk to solve a math problem like when you use worksheets.

  1. The app can be accessed at any time.

Finding a math tutor whenever you want can be tricky. This app allows you to learn at any time even at odd hours with instant feedback.

  1. It is a more affordable option.

Hiring a private math tutor can be costly since they have to cover expenses like utilities, rent, and franchise fees. The math app offers better results for your students and it is less expensive.

  1. There is no need for grading worksheets.

Online answers are provided while the problems are still fresh in the student’s mind and this saves you time.

  1. Qualified experts provide help.

The creators of the app employ certified instructors who provide an exceptional learning experience for your child.


It is easy for the students to access the internet or play games from their tablets when they should be learning.

  1. Individualized learning can be a problem.

The math app should not replace the regular curriculum or teaching instructor. The app keeps the students more involved making them lose interest in classroom lessons.

  1. Technology can malfunction.

If the computer doesn’t work or the WIFI network is down, the lesson plan will be distracted leaving you behind schedule.

  1. Most teachers are not familiar with the app.

Traditional methods were taught to the majority of the teachers. They lack significant training on the use of computers and apps as a way of enhancing education.

  1. Reduced social interaction.

Social skills are important for our kids to have a successful future. They may be absorbed with activities on their tablets for long, instead of interacting with teachers and peers.


The math help app generates solutions to specific math problems entered by the user. It shows the user a detailed step-by-step explanation of how they arrived at the answer. This app is associated with several benefits like increased engagement, convenience, and instant feedback. However, it has a few drawbacks including reduced social interaction and distraction.