All the Benefits of An American Curriculum

Anyone living in Bangkok knows just how much the city has to offer. There’s a plethora of restaurants, lots of weekend activities, and more shopping in one city than arguably most places on Earth. Bangkok draws tourists, travellers, and expats alike every year. Many of the expats that choose to stay do so not only because of the benefits of a big city, but also the educational opportunities offered at numerous international schools around town.

All Types of Curriculums

For anyone that doesn’t work in education, the names of the curriculums and all of the different codewords can get tricky! IGCSE, KS1, AP, etc. Many parents tend to choose the curriculum of their home country because it is easier. Most of the curriculums in Bangkok appeal to Westerners from around the world—Australia, the UK, the US, and Canada are a few common curriculums that can be found. However, one curriculum stands out from the rest—the American curriculum.

A Well-Rounded Curriculum

One notable thing that stands out about the American curriculum is that it creates a well-rounded student. Many schools like are more often turning towards the American curriculum because they see the many benefits. While students learn in academic disciplines such as English, Math, and Science, they also participate in specialty subjects where they are further able to research and develop their own personal interests.

Students Are Assessed on Standards Meant for Life

The American curriculum typically uses the Common Core State Standards, which are then used for grading. Rather than completing a project directed at a skill, students are assessed throughout the year on multiple standards for their grade level. This helps the teachers to create more individualized instruction, ensuring that more students are able to succeed and reach their potential.

Time to Focus on the Extra-Curricular Activities

American schools value the hours after school for pursuing individual interests. Some schools may offer after-school tutoring programs, but many more place an emphasis on sports and clubs for afternoon hours.

Many and more teachers are realizing the benefits of minimal homework and are allowing for students to instead spend that time on hobbies that are not related to academics. This helps foster students’ creativity and learn about the world around them in more authentic ways than in a classroom. Other curriculums can emphasize academics to a point that they don’t allow children to also express their own natural and unique talents. An American curriculum is an excellent choice for creating a life-long learner.