What Is ITIL CDS Certification? (ITIL4 Create Deliver and Support)

A company wanted to transform its business. They wanted to be technologically advanced. An innovative product was thought of. They needed sufficient technology to make this innovation a reality. A strategy was already in place. What was needed was advanced tech. What they really wanted to achieve through this tech was the competence and ability to be truly free from the shackles of incomprehensible data. They wanted to be able to use freely flowing data and to be able to get the most out of data while making decisions. They used guidance from the ITIL4 CDS certification course, which has an extensive section on newer technology.

The company’s existing data was held in Excel sheets. One had to be able to navigate through mounds and piles of data that made no sense at first blush. The company wanted to change this. They wanted a model wherein the products and services would be embedded into the internet. The products and services themselves would be the data. Such that one look at this rich data would help key decision makers do their job of arriving at a conclusion. The innovation to the product involved this migration to such a new data model. Only then would that innovation be successful. The people leading the transformation made use of specialist skills taught in the ITIL4 CDS training.

The ITIL4 CDS certification guidance talks about technology like AI, ML, ChatOps, RPA, advanced data analytics, and ITSM tooling. The people leading the transformation had an idea in mind. They wanted to go completely digital with their products and services. Chat, video, voice, visuals were the way people would interact with the products and services. They wanted to incorporate these visually rich media data into the innovative product. Machine to Machine communication would help embedded data to flow freely. All of this would bring the innovative product alive. Not just that, they wanted all their products to follow suit.

ITIL 4 Create Deliver and Support certification guidance trained the people leading the transformation to approach the challenge in a way that suited the company the best. The key training comprised of being clear about their goals and what they wanted their tech to look like. This helped them engage fruitfully with the software development specialists. ITIL4 CDS certification guidance contains information about the software development practice. It also talks about service validation and testing, and approaches like Shift Left, which are useful when going about a business transformation. One another ITIL4 CDS practice proved helpful to this company- problem management. They looked at the whole data situation as a problem and analyzed it to find a solution! Et voila, a whole new digital system!

The ITIL 4 Create Deliver and Support certification training is particularly useful if you are a-

  • Software Developer
  • It Manager
  • Cio
  • Organization Development Expert
  • Analyst
  • Service Desk Agent
  • Technical Manager
  • Anyone Wanting To Study New And Upcoming Technology
  • Application Architect
  • Product Owner
  • Itsm Tool Vendor
  • Rca Expert
  • Lean It Consultant
  • Trainer.

 The ITIL4 CDS certification course delves into skills like-

  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Desk
  • Knowledge Management
  • Itsm Tools And Techniques
  • Swarming
  • Shift Left
  • Queues
  • Testing
  • Software Development
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Toil Reduction
  • Siam
  • Value Stream Mapping

To certify yourself, you need the ITIL4 Foundation certificate, an ITIL 4 Create Deliver and Support training, and passing an end training test. To see what you can do with ITIL4 certifications, read our posts ‘Best ITIL certifications for 2021′ and “ITIL Certification Guide 2021’.

All in all, the company wanting a digital transformation sought ITIL4 CDS certification guidance, and could do more with their tech and data, just as they wanted!