The Arc University of Manitoba Residence is one of a kind student’s residence. It is the first luxury housing community that has been designed keeping the unique needs of students in mind. The needs of university students are unique. It is indeed a stressful experience when you are starting. You are learning to live on your own and do all the daily chores. You need a residence that can provide you with a feel of home and enable you to make the best out of your college years. What makes a student residence luxurious? We are here to tell you exactly that.

Luxe Suites

There are four different types of suites that you can choose from. They include a single bedroom, double bedroom shared, four-bedroom and two-bedroom. Each room has an XL bed, desk, kitchen or a kitchenette, electronic keys and high-speed internet. There is a smart TV in each room. You can stream all your favourite content. The rooms are well lit, and to make the rooms even brighter there is floor to ceiling glass windows in each suite.

Convenient Location

A student residence should be truly student-friendly. One of the things that makes it so is its close proximity to the university. The arc is situated right across the street from the entrance of the University of Manitoba. You don’t have to worry about constantly rushing to college. It will save you the hassle and the pain of travelling to and fro. There is more to students life than simply academics. There is also a bus stop which is right in front of the building. You can take the bus and go explore the city. The Arc also offers a free bicycle stand to all its residence.

Community Assistants

Living away from home means doing everything on your own. Even though as growing up we do tend to learn how to do our set of chores, but there are things that we are unaware of. You might find yourself panicking over what are you going to do if there is an electrical issue? Keeping this in mind, The Arc came up with the solution of community Assistants. Whatever assistance you require in the building, they will be there to help you out.

Close Proximity to Business

Academic life can keep you really busy which might make it difficult for you to run your errands. The Real Canadian Superstore is right behind the building. Whenever you need anything you can simply rush to the store. Having a superstore nearby can make life really comfortable. There are also multiple other commercial businesses which are located on the ground floor.

Additional Services

As a student, you need your space to study and to work out. There is a state of the art study room that you can access whenever you want to. It will provide you with the perfect atmosphere to study. There is also a gym to help you stay physically fit. Apart from that the building also houses business centres.