How To Translate Video Games

Any gamer knows that translation is a huge part of making games playable in other languages. Sometimes entire levels and dialogue must be rewritten to make sure the game makes sense to someone who doesn’t speak the original language. While most gamers might not give it much thought, translating video games is actually a complex process. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the challenges translators face when adapting video games for foreign markets. We’ll also explore some ways to make the process easier for everyone involved. So if you’re curious about how video game translations work, keep reading!

What Is Video Game Translation?

The translation of video games usually happens when a game needs to be adapted for a different market. It might sound simple at first, but translation is much more complicated than it seems. Translators have to take into account slang, cultural references, and jokes when adapting their scripts. The localization process becomes even more difficult when translating video games because they are interactive experiences. A translation mistake in a book or movie won’t cause problems with gameplay or other elements in the story. However, translation errors in video games can result in serious bugs that make the game unplayable!

But despite this challenge, translation remains an integral part of the gaming experience for many gamers. Gamers who speak another language might be relieved to find translation guides and mods that can help them avoid translation errors altogether. But translation is more than just a simple localization step; it’s also an opportunity to provide unique experiences for players all over the world!

Types Of Video Game Translation

There are several stages of translation that take place during the process of adapting a game for other markets. First, there’s localizing, which usually includes translating dialogue and writing the new text for menus and tutorials. Localization also involves recording lip movements to match the script and rewriting any jokes or cultural references so they make sense in foreign markets. Translators will often use regional dialects and popular expressions when recording lines for video games. But many translation agencies are looking to break away from this type of localization, which can date the game if not handled carefully.

The next stage of translation involves translation memory, which is used to store bits of text that have already been translated in similar projects. This helps translators avoid having to translate the same things over and over again. It’s also a good way to save time when it comes to proofreading final scripts!

Types Of Video Game Adaptation

Localization vs Transcreation For some gamers, translation mistakes isn’t much more than typos or inaccurate dialogue subtitles. But translation errors can be a lot more serious than that! Game translation mistakes have been known to show up in the translation of game texts, voice-overs, manuals, marketing text, and even loading screens. And translation errors can cause problems with gameplay mechanics! For example, translation mistakes have caused some games to freeze at certain points or prevent them from being saved. Some translation agencies have begun moving away from translation localization processes in favor of translation adaptation. Translation adaptation might sound like translation for translation’s sake, but it’s actually a process that involves rewriting dialogue or other elements so they are relevant in foreign markets. This type of translation is much faster than localization because translators are able to skip over repetitive tasks instead of translating everything words for word.

Transcreation might be a hard translation process to get used to, but it allows translation agencies to offer better translation services.

Video Game Translation Mistakes And Fixes – A Serious Topic

Even though the translation is an integral part of the gaming experience for many gamers, translation mistakes can ruin it! Game translation mistakes have been known to do everything from blocking progress in games to turning characters into zombies! Gamers have lashed out against bad translation errors time and time again, calling companies like Nintendo and Sony “irresponsible” for their lack of attention when translating text. But some translators will go above and beyond the call of duty with their work!

Fixes For Video Game Translation Mistakes

As more translation agencies are taking translation adaptation seriously, translation mistakes are becoming easier to fix. Some translation agencies are willing to go the extra mile with their work by offering localization fixes, which can completely rebuild a game from scratch based on translation notes or by adding new elements for additional language support. This is a one-way translation service that has evolved over the years!