Everyday Investors Turn to Online Trading Academy For Shot at NEW Crypto Trading Program

The economy and technology continue to evolve hand-in-hand over time. Nowhere has that been more clear in recent years than that of the digital assets and cryptocurrency space. The rise of digital currencies and assets has fundamentally changed the way we view assets in the digital sphere.

Merlin Rothfeld, the Senior Director of Online Trading Academy, stated in an interview, “Digital Assets are so much more than Bitcoin.”

As the leader of the new Digital Assets program at Online Trading Academy, Merlin Rothfeld was particularly keyed in on the new updates to the 25-year-long institution that is OTA. Introducing a new course dedicated to digital asset education, Rothfeld would add, “Decentralized finance feels like the beginning of the internet.

Why Is Decentralized Finance Important?

We can rewind the clock back 20 years to a time when the dot-com bubble had not yet cracked. Filled with unending optimism, investors forked over money via hand-and-fist to a concept that they didn’t entirely understand. When the bubble popped and the dot-com movement crashed, albeit briefly, many people lost everything.

Rothfeld says of individuals looking to step into the digital assets field, “People who are considering investing (in digital assets) must be prepared – whether you are a skeptic or a raging fan.”

Currently offering a program titled Digital Assets, Online Trading Academy hopes to instill trading confidence in investors through comprehensive lessons on trading with digital assets as well as cryptocurrencies. Rothfeld says of investors who are only lightly informed as they attempt to trade, “A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

Digital wallets are currently becoming accepted at stores and websites across the nation. Digital assets are becoming increasingly sought after in the investing space, as well. We can see how much attention has gone to cryptocurrency by just taking a browse around the internet.

Foundation of Topics For Cryptocurrency Education

Individuals looking to learn the ins and outs of investing in crypto and other digital assets will want to explore lessons offered by the Digital Assets course through Online Trading Academy. The course itself consists of more than five hours of online content told through professional self-study lessons.

Completing these courses at the student’s own pace will allow them to learn a lot about digital assets as well as their own proclivity for the space. Underscoring the entire program is OTA’s focus on responsible risk management principles backed by market analysis.

Topics in the Digital Assets course include

  • Decentralization and How it Works
  • How to Use Online Crypto Trading Tools
  • The Basics of Blockchain and Crypto Mining
  • Smart Contracts
  • Public Ledgers 101

The Digital Assets program operates as the first step in the Online Trading Academy’s comprehensive Crypto Investor Live program, which includes live instruction every week in addition to on-demand self-study at your own pace.